Study Racing Position, Increase Aero Dynamic Performance in High Speed

X-Fourteen / X-Spirit III, developed putting much value on the use at circuits, sets the position where a rider strongly leans forward as basic position. The shell is designed by analyzing the riding wind running from front part of a helmet to rear, and then to back of racing suit at the wind tunnel facility. The edges and shapes on surface of a shell, rear stabilizer equipping rear flaps exchangeable depending upon riding condition and lower air spoiler are designed and equipped to maximally increase aerodynamic performance. Comparing values in wind tunnel experiment with its predecessor, LIFT, DRAG and YAWING decreased by 3%, 10% and 50% respectively (value for reference measured by in-house facility). Greatly increased aerodynamic performance can do a lot to ease riders’ fatigue.


– AIM + outer shell multi-composite
– Modular EPS liner with different thicknesses
– CWR-F visor off easily set
– Max-vision pinlock including
– Double- D closure
– Emergency quick release system
– 5 different shell sizes
– 3D cheek kissing
– Adjustable center path
– Removable and washable lining
– Ventilation opening for the cheek pads
– 6 air inlets and air outlets 6
– Wind tunnel developed by
– Lock system on the visor




Ventilation System

Strongly introduce riding wind, exhaust hot air and moisture effectively―ventilation system makes a rider feels wind.

Air intakes are equipped on 2 parts of X-Fourteen / X-Spirit III, front and upper areas, in order to produce an effect of ventilation system even in leaning forward position.
Air outlet holes of top air outlet and inside of rear stabilizer exhaust hot air effectively using negative pressure.
In addition, new air route is equipped in lower part of a helmet, and air introduced to lower air intake is divided in 2 ways. Upper part of a lower air intake leads air to inside of a shield and works as a defroster, and lower part of it leads air to cheek area where hot air and moisture may remain.


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