We are now proud to introduce the X-Fifteen, an even more advanced helmet with an all new design developed through extensive research and wind tunnel testing.The X-Fifteen is designed to give the wearer a winning advantage and is set to once again revolutionize the world of racing.


  • Developed utilizing rider input from the world’s top racers
  • Refined in SHOEI’s wind tunnel to achieve next-level aerodynamics and ventilation
  • Boasts impressive reductions in lift and drag along with enhanced high-speed stability
  • Improved cheek pad cooling system and increased cool-air ventilation throughout the entire helmet
  • Optimized eyeport trajectory for an increased upper field of vision
  • Independently adjustable interior components for a precision racing fit


Ventilation System

Ventilation optimized for both racing and sport riding

We have used pressure analysis to determine the ideal placement of the ventilation system. The layout ensures the ventilation is positioned more efficiently for use in racing.
The X-Fifteen delivers superior ventilation performance compared to the X-Fourteen/X-Spirit III. We have achieved this by deepening the channels of the air routes inside the helmet by more than 1.5 times and by providing the outlet holes in the tunnels of the rear stabilizer.


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