An aggressive yet orthodox design, symbolic of the GT-Air series

Drawing from the symbolic side design of the GT-Air, the GT-Air II features a shell shape with sharper edges, integrating with the ventilation parts to let air flow from front to back. The sharp chin line and mounting space for an exclusive communication system accents the helmet’s design for a compact appearance.


New sun visor covers a wider area

The inner sun visor can be quickly opened and closed by operating a lever. The sun visor can be lowered for a smoke effect, and raised for a clear view with just the shield/visor. This allows the helmet to quickly handle sudden changes in field of vision, such as when entering a tunnel, so there is no need to change the shield/visor when you’re out touring—a highly convenient feature.
The GT-Air II comes newly equipped with a QSV-2 sun visor. The sun visor has been lengthened 5 mm over the previous model, reducing the amount of sunlight that comes in between the bottom edge of the sun visor and the eye port. The shape of the nose part has been cut 5 mm deeper than the previous model, to avoid contact with the nose due to the longer sun visor.

The levers on both sides of the eye port can be pulled out to stabilize the sun visor base. This allows the sun visor to be smoothly attached or removed.
*Be sure that the lever is in the downward position and that the mechanism is unlocked when you are not removing or attaching the sun visor.

Micro Ratchet Chinstrap

Safe design, smooth operability

The chinstrap features SHOEI’s unique design, a micro-ratchet system that can be operated even when wearing thick gloves. This is quite convenient and also offers a high degree of safety. The main components of this system are made of stainless steel with superior durability, ensuring locking strength. The latches always hook on in two places when locked, for a safe design with a firm hold.

Integrated Communication System

E.Q.R.S.(Emergency Quick Release System)


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