Former MotoGP rider and 56design producer Shinya Nakano’s new graphic model.

 The concept of the new design is based on the. “Doman Seman” worn by Ama divers in Ise-Shima, where Shinya Nakano visited for touring locations. It is lead to Seimei and Ashiya Doman. The left and right five-pointed stars written in a single stroke are the seals of Abe no Seimei, “May you return safely.” 



Mountable Pin Lock Sheet and Pro Shade System

Installing the optional Pin Lock Sheet and Pro Shade System is now possible with the VZ-RAM helmet. The Pin Lock Sheet prevents clouding and fogging even during cold or rainy weather. As a result, the field of view of a rider remains clear and visible at all times.

The VZ-RAM, having room for the installation of the Pin Lock Sheet, is one of the biggest improvements of this helmet. The previous SZ series did not have this feature.

Rebalanced Gravity and Special Fiberglass

ARAI reduced the VZ-RAM’s gravity on its center to make it feel lighter, resulting in less fatigue for the rider. Because of this, the VZ-RAM helmet is lighter than the helmets under the SZ series.

For the outer shell, it uses a unique type of fiberglass with higher fiber density compared to the ordinary material. Also, it has more strength and compression, making the VZ-RAM a more durable and lightweight helmet.

Design, Build, and Parts of the VZ-RAM

B PB-cLc Cap Body

The ARAI VZ-RAM helmet is made with the PB-cLc or Peripherally Belted Complex Laminate Construction from the company’s F-1 technology. It increases strength while reducing the weight of the VZ-RAM.

Across the top of the eye-port is a band that uses a thin layer of EPS liner. It helps enhance a rider’s field of view.

Between the proprietary Super Fiber Laminates is a special mechanically expanded fiber mat. It bonds the Super Fiber layers without increasing the helmet’s total weight.

Comfortable Interior with Antimicrobial, Antifouling, and Deodorizing Properties

The material used for the ARAI VZ-RAM helmet’s interior is the Eco-Pure with pH control functions. It keeps acidity low, prevents bacteria from growing, and deodorizes the inner part of the helmet. While absorbing sweat, it neutralizes ammonia to keep this clean.

On the earcups, there are slits to keep riders comfortable even when wearing eyeglasses.

Certifications and Warranties

ARAI covers any production or material defects with its included 5-year warranty. Plus, the helmet is SNELL ,JIS certified  & Sirim certified, which guarantees its perfect quality and safety.

ARAI VZ-RAM – Available Colors and Sizes

The VZ-RAM comes in six color choices: Grass White, Grass Black, Flat Black, MG Gray, Modern Gray, and Calm Red. Its sizes are S, M, L and XL.

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