1. What are the types of product sold on your website?

We sold a number of high quality foods. We are constantly adding new products that are popular in various countries.

2. Must I register an account?

Yes. This is to ensure your personal data and shipping details recorded properly for our issuance of tax invoice and shipping consignment notes.
Privacy Policy [LINK TO YOUR PRIVACY POLICY PAGE] www.YOURWEBSITE.my treats personal information, such as your name, email address or telephone number as important privacy. We promise your personal information will not be disclosed to third party. We will not use or sell your personal information to third party unless:
1. Users agreed to share with third party.
2. Users make knows to public of their personal information in selves-willingness in order to enjoy products or services.
3. Violations of YOURWEBSITE.com.my’s Terms of Use, or as otherwise required by the law.

3. Is the price stated inclusive of GST?

Yes. The price stated in YOURWEBSITE.com.my is inclusive (OR DO NOT INCLUDE) of 6% GST.

4. When would I be required to enter Voucher Code?

Vouchers code will be sent to our registered users via email when there is promotion. If you receive such emails, please enter before you complete your checkout process to get discounts/promotions.

5. Do you serve my area?

Currently we serve Klang Valley only. You can check if YOURBRAND serves your location using our Website.

6. How fast do you deliver?

Very fast! We deliver to you within XX days.

7. How much does delivery cost?

It costs RM XX.XX for the delivery. [NOTE: Please provide a breakdown if there are different logistic rate for East & West Malaysia.] OR
West Malaysia – Free with purchase of any products for COURIER COMPANY NAME.
East Malaysia – RM XX.XX for COURIER COMPANY NAME. Free shipping is entitled for purchase above RM X,XXX.XX in a single receipt.

8. What are the delivery hours?

Our delivery hours are usually between 10:00 a.m. and 10:00 p.m. You can place orders at any time of the day. [NOTE: IF HAVE CUT OFF TIME, PLEASE PROVIDE]

9. What does it mean if an item is “out of stock”?

Products that are marked “out of stock” are products that are very popular and frequently sell out on our store. You may e-mail us at [email protected] so that when the stock is available again, you will be the first person that we notify.

10. How do I order?

Select the items to purchase, and click “Add to Cart”. Shopping Cart will be updated with the total products selected, you will need to sign in your account and proceed with the checkout.
After checkout, you are required to make payment using the payment gateway. You will also receive an email from us regarding your order(s), the tracking code is included.